Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started with Phoenix Memorial Portraits

  • How do I place an order with Phoenix Memorial Portraits online?

We have created a quick and easy ordering system which provides you with all the necessary tools to place your order conveniently anywhere you are! Our easy drop down menu allows you to easily access all our products & graphic options which makes for a fast and time saving way to get your order to us.  Simply log into your account in the “My Account section” or if this is your first time ordering with Phoenix Memorial Portraits you can register your company information and a sales representative will contact you shortly.

  • Where’s my order

After placing an order, you can view the order status 24 hours a day! To find status updates please log into your account and click the “My Orders” tab in the menu options. All of your orders to date are displayed in this section, and statuses are seen in red on the right hand side. If something doesn’t seem right, contact us and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

  • Can I change my order?

Yes, an order can be changed by either disapproving a proof ( if one was originally selected) or by contacting 1.888.881.8081 and speaking with a representative. Please be advised changes may apply if an order has been sent through to production.

  • Can I cancel my order?

Absolutely, an order can be cancelled at anytime by contacting 1.888.881.8081. Please be advised charges may apply if the order has been sent through to production.

  • Can I receive a proof before production and is there an extra cost?

Absolutely! There is no extra cost for proofs to be produced. Simply request a proof when placing your online order using our dropdown menu ordering system.

  • How do I view my proof?

Once a proof is requested on the order form our graphics department immediately know to send one your way.  Once a proof is completed it will be generated and uploaded to your online account and can be viewed at anytime upon logging in.

  • How long should I expect my proof to be available for viewing online?

A proof is completed between 1-3 days. Need a proof sent over urgently? No problem! Give us a call and our customer care department will  place an internal rush with our graphics department and have a proof sent over within a few hours.

  • If I disapprove my order can I resend a new picture for a new proof? How do I go about that?

Yes! Once you receive your proof if you are not completely satisfied with the picture you’ve selected, kindly disapprove the proof and send over the new picture by email. We will gladly rework the order and have a new proof generated for approval. Please note extra graphic costs may incur depending if you’ve requested Image Treatment on the new photo.



Graphic Design & Photography

  • What is the resolution needed in order to get the BEST quality portrait?

Resolution is the degree of detail visible in a raster image. Raster images (like photos) are comprised of pixels – or, dots of colour.

1. High resolution means there are many dots per inch.

2. Low resolution means fewer dots per inch, and poorer quality.

3. Our Graphic experts recommend to aim for at least 300 dpi for the desired image size.

We want you to love your final product. If you are worried about how your uploaded image or photo is going to look, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll take a look.

  • Can my photo be change from color to black and white or vice versa? Is there a charge for this?

Changing a photo from black and white to color is not a problem, and a quick and easy task to attain. If you would like to add color to a black and white photo this may require some image treatment, call us and one of our experts will be happy to assist you.

  • My photo needs to be restored due to damage, is this possible?

Our graphic departments are trained to be the best in the industry, bringing your photos back to life and restoring the memories of loved ones. Damaged photo’s due to scratches, water, etc can be restored without a problem. If more information or if you would a quote please contact our customer care department.

  • I would like to have a collage of several pictures on one portrait, can this be done?

We can design any sort of collage you would like. Our online ordering system currently only allows for a 5 photo uploaded, however if you require more pictures to be included please contact us and we will gladly help make your vision come to life. We’ve specialised in collage with over 10 pictures!

  • Can I include a signature or text/poem to my picture?

Yes! Including a signature or text/poem can be added to your memorial portraits. Be sure to request a proof to see the final graphic design before production.



Shipping and Delivery

  • Turn around time?

Phoenix Memorial takes great pride in our turn around time. You should expect to receive your order within 7-12 calendar days

  • Can I have my order rushed?

Not a problem, please contact our customer care department and they will gladly assist you.

  • Is there a charge for a rush order?

There is no additional charge to have an order placed rush. An additional charge will only incur is if overnight shipping is requested.

  • Do you offer overnight shipping services? Is there an extra cost?

Absolutely! We offer next day delivery. Overnight shipping will incur costs anywhere between $40 – $60, depending on the size & quantity of your order.




  • How do I install a Phoenix memorial portrait?


  • How I can I clean hard water off the surface of the portrait?